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  • Instant Access

    Major ad exchanges and tools all in one location.

    Invertise connects top advertisers and their agencies to 15 billion+ daily ad impressions. The Invertise Platform is a single point of connection to the top 30 ad networks and exchanges. In total you will have access to 360,000+ websites worldwide though the Invertise Platform. As the internet and content sites continue to expand we're not running out of ad space anytime soon. Our collective aggregation allows for holistic campaign optimization and instant access all in one location. Find the publishers you love (and have yet to discover).

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  • Real Time Bidding

    The most advanced way to buy display. 

    The absolute best prices on the freshest display real estate. Our bidding technology allows for more targeted and efficient ad campaigns. With the advent of Real Time Bidding, ad impressions can now be purchased with precision on an auction basis as opposed to buying audiences in bulk. Invertise's bidding technology has the capability to either buy or pass on each individual ad impression depending on your criteria. By utilizing buy-side algorithms Invertise ensures you find your target audience and meet your conversion objectives. 

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  • Ad Building Tool

    The biggest thing to happen to dynamic ads.

    The Invertise ad building tool provides you with the technology needed to manage, optimize and deploy dynamic ads. Our ad building product provides the capability to build dynamic e-commerce, lead generation and video ad units, with the capability to multivariate test and update ad units in real time. Invertise is changing the way display ads look, feel, work and collect data. By providing preset ad themes and animations to full customization, our ad building tool is built to get you the return from ad spend you deserve. Best of all with our ad building tool all the tech requirements are built right in so you know everything will be right the first time. 

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  • Remarketing Tech

    Your ads everywhere! 

    The Invertise remarketing technology allows you to show ads to consumers who have previously visited your website as they continue to browse the Web.

    You invest valuable time and money building your brand and getting your name in front of consumers. By the time visitors arrive to your website, they already have a perception of your business. If they leave without converting, the effort and cost of attracting them to your site is lost – but not if you remarket. Invertise systematically serves your targeted ads to preserve a relationship with your visitors. When these visitors who have already been to your site see your name, logo, product or service, they will recognize it and respond. As the familiarity and branding of your company develops, the probability of a conversion soars.

           Stay in touch with consumers interested in your product/service
           Display personalized ads reinforcing your brand
           Spend your ad budget more efficiently
           Out-brand the competition and win sales during the buying cycle

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  • Faster Workflow

    The new, faster way to buy display.

    With proven and automated workflows the Invertise Platform allows for rapid and effective campaign creation. Our streamlined interface shortens the ad operation workflow and was built by media buyers to save time while maintaining performance. With our proven campaign settings and best practices, Invertise removes the guess work from media buying and launches expert campaigns with minimal experience necessary. By providing proven campaign settings Invertise reduces operational cost and increases efficiency. Prior to this automation it took an experienced media buyer 30 minutes to launch a campaign. Campaigns are now set up in under 10 minutes. 

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  • Quality and Safety

    The ultimate human auditing team. 

    Every ad that is created within the Invertise Platform is hand reviewed in conjunction with our automated system to protect against malware, viruses and enforce all industry standard regulations. The ad space inventory is also curated and blacklist supported. Protecting your brands from fraud and inappropriate content categories is a top priority.  When working with Invertise you can be assured your ads will be compliant and each impression served to plan. 

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  • Visual Analytics

    Clear measurable results. 

    Simple and easy to understand reporting. Our analytics system generates visual graphs geared toward customer retention. This increases awareness and the potential acceleration of spend to top performing campaigns. Functionality is built in to provide executive level reports, reducing the operational time needed to adequate campaign performance. With adjustable attribution factors and complete tracking from ad impression to conversion, the Invertise analytics tool provides you all data required to justify spend and take actionable action. 

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  • Customized Console

    Ultra-flexible. Your customers, your brand. 

    The Invertise Platform has 100% white-label functionality. From the platform skin to tracking pixels to domain name. The Invertise Media Platform can be licensed on a per location basis. Agencies can now feel confident that they will not be circumvented. Invertise provides the core infrastructure to power your display advertising division. Our team of experts are here to help with all technical support and get your version of Invertise up and running. Invertise gives you the tools to master online advertising. 

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